Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition is a JRPG Top

The JRPG genre is always deter some and attract others. Most often these games are similar to each other, and their developers do not favor innovation, preferring reconciled to the ideal formula. Final Fantasy XV, however, is different. The game is in development for ten years, it turned out different, and finally showed, looks like a quality modern JRPG. Exceptional graphics, lots of content and fun combat system – all of it was allocated to the game even in 2016, when it came out. In 2018 a title reached the PC, and bought the Royal Edition – “Royal edition” – on all platforms. If you have not played Final Fantasy XV, now is the time to try.

Around Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition there was a lot of confusion – to understand what includes the publication, is not so simple. It should be clarified that there is not a complete edition. More specifically, it is full at the moment, but since the publisher has already announced the desire to put the DLC until 2019, you can be sure that even more Royal edition will be released somewhere in 2020. Anyway, at the moment of publication better and more profitable Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition did not find, and the content here is already more than enough.

What is this Final Fantasy XV – this question will be especially interesting to newcomers who have not played in the previous part. Fortunately, that Final Fantasy XV is made for both veterans and “rookies”, as we eagerly reported on every startup. Nothing here requires no special knowledge of history or the world, and the introduction is enough to understand what motivates our heroes, and who they actually are.

Screen saver in the game is amazingly good execution, and no wonder: they are taken from an animated feature film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.
Starring Final Fantasy XV – Prince of Noctis (or rather, Noctis of Lucis, Caelum), who goes on a road trip to his bride the moon. On the way, however, everything goes wrong: his car “regalia” is broken, and the Motherland is captured. So he remains in a strange land with three best friends.

The first thing that catches the eye is the graphics. Frankly, I have “advanced widered” is not associated with JRPG, but in the case of Final Fantasy XV and so it happened. Despite the long development, there’s almost nothing here betrays “production hell”. The lighting, the details, the characters – everything looks great even in 2018. Yes, it is possible to find fault with some texture, and very expressive of the characters are not called, but it’s all the little things.

From the very beginning of the journey of Prince Noctis not specified. Fortunately, he has friends. But money is no reason.
Despite the frightening “J” in front of RPG, really afraid of the Final Fantasy XV should not be. The structure of the title like many Western RPG with an open world: unlike many of the previous parts, the fifteenth “Fantasy” almost immediately prompts the player to get lost in a massive open world. Here all works on our beloved formula: there is one main quest and many side. The game doesn’t force to do something, so that you can immediately score on the fate of the Kingdom and go fishing if you want to. You can approach the characters and accept quests or go on the hunt for ever more deadly monsters.

Another unpopular JRPG trait – the lack of voice acting. The vast majority of Japanese developers prefer to save, allowing his characters to communicate through text. Final Fantasy XV not – every quest, no matter how small it may be, is fully voiced. Obviously, this big-budget title.

In order not to spoil the experience, I will not disclose the details of the plot. Let’s just say he’s roughly equivalent to what you expect from this genre.

It’s a JRPG, so – many beautiful Busty girls.
The main thing in Final Fantasy XV gameplay. The combat system is not like anything that used to the Western gamer. The Prince’s Noctis have an Arsenal of possibilities: all sorts of swords and axes, guns and magic. This, coupled with an interesting system (one button for attack, one for defense) that allows you to teleport out of the battlefield and charge the enemy fights allows the game to remain exciting and dynamic, even after tens of hours. This is one of the main advantages of title.

Trinity your friends is the soul of Final Fantasy XV. They not only fight with you, offering its own set of unique abilities, but are loyal companions that move the plot forward. They go in the car with you and share my observations. Someone is cooking, someone is constantly taking photos. Our protagonist would have gotten lost without them, and that this Trinity forms the basis of the “road movie”, which, in essence, is a game. And this is a great move.

Put simply, it is Noctis and the company is somewhat reminiscent of “ninja Turtles”. Similarly, as in the famous comic strip/animated series, each character has their own archetype. Someone like Mikey, someone- Donnie. And here. It adds to the game “nanowaste” and the atmosphere of friendship which contrasts strongly with the devastation and war that prevails in the world. Another example of the successful application of this procedure – a series of books about Harry Potter.

The game is beautiful – do not say anything. This is good because car rides can last for minutes. Download in the game very long.
Another “character”, is “regalia”, your machine. It is used to navigate through the massive world. What sets it apart from other vehicles in these games is the fact that it rides itself – i.e. it is “on rails” as they say. Before each trip you can simply drive to the destination and enjoy the road under a rich set of built-in music. At first very strange to realize that the machine is on autopilot, and the road does not leave, but you get used to it. Final Fantasy XV gives the player certain control over the car if he wants, but he’s still limited to a few teams.

Prince of Noctis often drops out of the fight and waiting for the help of friends.
From time to time friends can spend the night in camp or hotel. Only this time, the accumulated XP will be converted to character level. The “cooler” vacation spot, the more points you can earn. Also in the camp of our heroes to eat that allows you to temporarily boost stats. The quality and variety of food depends on your success on the battlefield: the more animals you kill, the more recipes and ingredients will open.

Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition you can find the photo-realistic food in the history of video games.

The verdict
Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition is a great game that will keep you entertained for dozens and dozens of hours. It has some new story elements, new DLC, revealing characters, the other game modes (e.g., first person), new bosses and backgrounds. If the game had been criticized for being immature, now there is no feeling like the title of something cut.

If you think to find game, now is the time. The thing to remember is that the developer hasn’t finished adding content, and a Royal Edition is “complete” as long as inevitably not come out another. It’s a little disappointing, but hardly stop from purchasing.

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