Far Cry review 5 – Intoxicating freedom

Series Far Cry parts of gamers about the same as Assassin’s Creed – another Ubisoft franchise. Its formula also liking millions, but that doesn’t mean that the others are not annoyed by the fact how little things change from part to part. Far Cry 3 was a masterpiece of the genre story-driven shooters, but the fourth part of the few that have brought yourself. What is it like Far Cry 5?

I think the formula of Far Cry 3 is almost perfect for games of such a plan. Then Ubisoft has created a stunning open world and have achieved great balance between storyline and complete freedom. We had to face one of the most prominent villains in video game history, to hunt and to liberate the whole island. Roughly the same thing happened in Far Cry 4. As regards the fifth part, much remains recognizable, but I can’t say that it’s just all the same Far Cry 5, but with new actors.

As before, in the center of Far Cry 5 – story. At this time the developers decided to go the risky way and not to invent exotic island nation, and to move us in the modern USA, in Montana. Here, in the midst of idyllic lakes and mountains, going hell: cultists, armed to the teeth, seized towns and villages. Their leader Joseph Led calls himself the Father, and believes that soon life on Earth will come to an end.

The father is another brilliant villain of the series, adequately withstand comparison with such “stars” as Vaas and pagan Min from the previous parts. But he is not one. An extensive, Far Cry 5 is divided into three regions, each of which is managed by a trusted Father. We are talking about brother Jacob’s side and half-sister faith Led. Not only increased the number of antagonists, but characters like full-fledged RPG, Far Cry 5 was Packed to capacity with all sorts of characters with whom you can meet and make friends. Never in the game series had so many characters – their number is truly impressive. Moreover, many can “recruit” and make partners. Free someone, and it will help you to capture the base or pass the mission. Assistants vary from pilots and archers to the dog, and Boomer bear named Cheeseburger.

Far Cry 5 is built on contrasts, as always. On the one hand, it is a story involving many important socio-political questions and telling about human tragedies and the victims. On the other is the “factory of anecdotes” as it is lovingly called in the Studio. This is the full chaos of the world that lives its own life; it’s the unpredictable results of cross physics engine, AI, fauna and so on. Sometimes even the narration leaves a serious tone and goes absurdity or outright parody: for example, we meet a mad scientist who will give us a futuristic gun, and perform the mission to return dirt on a certain President.

But the soul is Far Cry 5 is gameplay. Despite numerous changes and innovations, the game remains the same shooter in an open world. This means that fans of the genre will be satisfied, and skeptics are unlikely to change their minds. The successful formula remains the same: create chaos, kill the bastards any way possible and, most importantly, survive. Despite this, I don’t see striking similarities with the previous parts. Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 were good games, but they had too many similar elements even in the interface and sounds. Far Cry 5 seems quite different.

This is due to the new location, and innovations. The crafting system has changed, hunting is now much less important. So, animal skins can be sold, but that’s all. But if you want more space for arrows or weapons, you just need to earn points by completing missions and completing special tests. Additional missions no longer resemble each other and seem to be very diverse. And yet completely disappeared, the system of radio towers! Yes, now you do not need to climb tall structures in order to open the map and find new missions for you to explore the world like in an RPG. Amazing! Although a couple of towers to climb still have the tradition.

Since the release of the previous part, it took a lot of time, and it shows. Far Cry 5 is a completely new game, without any borrowing from its predecessor, as it was with Far Cry Primal.

Improvements were made and the graphics, which was much better. The Dunia engine has always been good, but Far Cry 4 still felt the limitations of previous generation consoles. In Far Cry 5 is nothing there: the game looks amazing – or simply will not say. The creators have almost photo-realistic recreation of nature Montana: I can hardly remember a more realistic and “live” nature than here. The graphical improvements had no effect on optimization: even though the game got heavy duty Pro for PS4 and Xbox One X, but still works without any complaints, and the weaker older models.

The sound is also excellent, from the music (heard on the radio you everything from Christian rock to The Black Keys) and ending with the superb acting. And let the antagonist this time not voiced by the great Troy Baker and less known canadian actor Gregory Brayk, this does not negate the fact that as the performers for the main roles, and minor (I would like to highlight the excellent work of the actress who plays the role of the assistant to Sheriff Hudson) was matched perfectly.

We can debate the twists and turns of the plot and crack up the graphics engine – but is it worth it? The important thing is that Far Cry 5 took over from their predecessors is the fan. As said Satoru Iwata, video games designed primarily to entertain, and that Ubisoft has turned out brilliantly. She’s not holding back a player and not trying to create the illusion of mundane realism – no, everything is done so that we get as much freedom as possible as quickly as possible. Once we decide where to go and whom to deal. A powerful weapon does not require a long Grinda – after only ten hours the Deputy Sheriff (who we are) will have at its disposal a huge Arsenal of machine guns, flame throwers, machine guns, grenade launchers, pistols, shovels, bits, bows and even a slingshot.

Each base requires a different approach: you can be invisible, hiding the body and disabling the alarm, and can take the grenade launcher and try on the role of Rambo. That’s the beauty of the entire series, and it would be sacrilege to change something in this regard. Notorious freedom refers to the potential fun within the game: the player can not only fight on land but also turn on the “Mad max”, sitting behind the wheel equipped with machine guns the truck to do to conquer the skies at the controls of a fighter during the Second world war. The developers tried very hard to diversify each mission to avoid the sense of Grinda. Often they have succeeded.

From previous titles to Far Cry 5 is passed, not only the positives but also some negatives: for example, a favorite developers mode “narcotic sleep” when the hero’s infect some other rubbish and sent to fight the hallucinations returned – to my great dissatisfaction. Of course, the physics engine still unpredictable and absurd, leading to hilarious consequences, and annoying deaths, forcing me to replay a large segment. The game also remained not without bugs, though there were remarkably few, considering the size. A couple of times I had to do a restart from the last checkpoint, but since Far Cry 5 saves very often, this was not a problem. The rest – a surprisingly sleek game. Yes, gone are the days of Assassin’s Creed Unity.

Similarly, you can thank Ubisoft for the fact that the company did not go by EA and was not included in the game luchbox. Yes, the game has microtransactions, but they are purely cosmetic and can be ignored. About as it was in Assassin’s Creed Origins – even though we hate to see such a scene in the game, completely avoid such a huge source of income in 2018 is simply impossible.

It is important to note the addition of the Arcade Mode – a mode that allows you to create your own maps and missions using assets from different games, including Far Cry 4, Far Cry Primal, Watch Dogs, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Thanks to the regime of Far Cry 5 will not want to postpone after 30 hours of gameplay in the story campaign.

About Far Cry 5 can talk a lot, but at its core, the game is what we expected – it’s the same Far Cry, only better, bigger and prettier. Destroying favorite elements of the previous installments, the developers have created something really new, fresh and alive. Montana feels real, like people that inhabit it. Learning from past mistakes, the Studio was in no hurry to release the game, obviously eliminating bugs and bringing everything to mind. It even feels unlike many contemporary titles, Far Cry 5 is completed game. There’s no DLC in order to understand the motivation or history of the characters and huge chunks of content were cut, to sell them separately.

Far Cry 5, maybe not a perfect game, but for those who longed for the cool plot shooter with a huge open world, find something better to be problematic.

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