Detroit: Become Human – From techno-demo to techno-drama

David cage is a famous figure in the world of video games. Controversial demiurge, known as cult masterpieces, and outright failures, decided to gladden us with his new creation. As before, the new game from Quantic Dream, the French are extremely ambitious and incredibly beautiful. As before, there are elements of the classical detective story and complete freedom of action. But how far forward the Studio moved from the time of Heavy Rain?

The game world isn’t very original, but also nothing to complain about. Beautiful, realistic. Well, except for the fact that modern Detroit now looks more like Dresden in 1945.
The word “technology” is Central to Detroit: Become Human. The game itself owes its existence to techno-demo called Kara, and she says about how mankind is faced with the growing problem of intelligent robots. However, creating a futuristic facade, cage continues to lift heavy themes and to address the acute socio-political issues that most others shy away from. When I came out Far Cry 5, it was completely devoid of any political connotations. At the same time, even the trailer Detroit: Become Human has caused a huge scandal: politicians demanded to ban the game, which they considered “obscene.”

So, Yes, ambitious. This is not a continuation of the existing franchise, although wildly original I still will not name. When you find yourself in the world of Detroit: Become Human, in the head immediately begin to come comparison. Flattering, but comparison. Obviously, much, very much taken from iconic franchises, “Taking the blade”. During the game often comes to mind is another less obvious comparison is with the film series “planet of the apes”. Not the new (good) movies, and the old, or rather, the “Conquest of the planet of the apes” in 1972, where primates, tired roles of slaves and servants, begin a revolution and overthrow their human masters. It is impossible not to remember and still fresh in the memory Until Dawn, which unites with “Detroit” several things at once: genre, advanced facial animation, the importance of choice and the lack of game over as such.
New technologies and old tragedies. The controversial head of a child and a single father of a serious disturbance at the time. Fortunately, developers have the courage not to succumb to threats and nothing to cut.

Thus, the court in 2038. The US is rapidly growing richer, thanks to the emergence of androids that are quickly becoming part of the community. They undertake a variety of roles, from cleaners and soldiers to astronauts, athletes and even music stars. At first the world was a strange one, but gradually the future that everyone was waiting for, turns out to be not so bright as we had hoped. A traditional American problem “of lost works” again causing a scandal. Replace the word “Android” with the word “immigrant”, and the first obvious seem not so veiled attempt to disguise the contemporary realities of the science-fiction future.

The more people are unemployed, the worse attitude to the game which consistently beaten and tortured. This makes increasing the number of robots to “break the program” and find the mind. Having tasted freedom, the robots refuse to tolerate bullying of their masters, and begin to systematically maim and kill the owners. A small group is organizing a liberation movement, and this is where it all begins…

It is hardly a very original concept. The topic of the reasonableness of the robots successfully researched even Isaac Asimov, followed by dozens of books, films and TV series. Nothing new, nothing special and does not come up (the most striking new project is the latest time you can call West World), but David cage and not trying. He plans to create drama that would use a futuristic style as the scenery.

God, not me in real life, dirty dishes, and now in games it washing. But there was the use of the touchpad – at least someone remembered!
Detroit: Become Human is not so dark as the above-mentioned Blade Runner, but the themes that it raises, not less severe. The player can alternately control three androids – fresh punishment, which falls in the house of his father, an alcoholic, Connor, the world’s first Android detective, and Marcus, who starts a world revolution.

All three characters in their own way evoke sympathy, but closer to me was Connor. Cage returned to the style of classic detective stories (sometimes with the prefix “Noir”), and created a charming duet from the robot Connor and drunken detective Hank Anderson. The last – well a very popular archetype, reminiscent of many of detective Harvey bullock from the TV series “Gotham.” The dynamics of these characters can not entertain we, as the player, really want to get him in trust. Position Connor is the most complex: if others have a clear goal, Connor is constantly torn between its program and new human emotions.

Sometimes the hints to the many crises of the future to read, not so fun. Some articles in local magazines even seem very realistic.

Freedom of choice
Like all the other games cage, Detroit: Become Human based on the theme of choices. Almost every new Chapter we are doing something that can affect the outcome of subsequent actions or even the final. One wrong word changes the attitude of the characters, one thoughtless action means death. During the game I felt two conflicting desires: on the one hand, I wanted as many difficult decisions, and on the other feared them, as if sensing that will definitely screw up.

Theme selection is deliberately highlighted an impressive illustration of all the actions for the Chapter. It appears after each Chapter, and clearly shows the actions of the player, and also hints at an alternative, unused moves. Something similar for many years using the famous Telltale, but not in such detail. From it the same in Detroit: Become Human moved the world by statistics: it is always interesting to see what percentage of all players have failed in this or that scene or chose that particular decision.

In the chart all done and the possible actions in a single Chapter. Tell me you’re not impressed. Let’s be honest: such a vast tree of possibilities is not common, but watch what you are doing is always interesting.
When talking about Detroit: Become Human we can not remember a Telltale, which turned the genre on which specialization Quantic Dream, pop music, releasing on your pipeline a huge number of games. Judge for yourself: since the release of Beyond: Two Souls (2013) – previous works of cage another PS3 – Telltale Games company has released more than 11 titles, among them Game of Thrones, Batman: The Telltale Series, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, Minecraft: Story Mode, and so on.

And much really combines games the two companies. The gameplay is not very diverse, and remains virtually unchanged since the days of Heavy Rain. We control the character third person. It interacts with the outside world, “scans”, so that nothing is missed, holding discussions with others and perform QTE, which I so often criticize. As in the aforementioned hit on the PS3, Detroit: Become Human like no other game (except maybe Tearaway) enjoys all the bells and whistles of the DualShock 4 controller. Instead simply refer to the analog sticks, like the rest, the developers remembered everything – and a gyroscope that well never not used in games, and the touchpad, which seems to have played not only the role of the Select button for the first time since Infamous Second Son. Not forgotten is left and the built-in speaker. Sometimes a rich set of movements seems logical (for example, using the touchpad for browsing electronic journals), and sometimes not.

Remember the days when Heavy Rain made my Dual Shock 3 to crackle like a cracker. To Detroit: Become Human of such moments is almost there, the game rarely requires you to hold down every possible button immediately.
Dialogue system is very important in this kind of games, seemed even easier than the Telltale Games. The developers require the player knew what his character was like and how his words are perceived by others. I don’t know, what do you say Connor, if I click on “logical”, “cold”, “realistic” or “concise” answer! Similarly, I don’t know for sure whether my partner the answer in a particular way. Had to guess and a wrong guess will cause Hank to reconsider the attitude to Connor and to his whole race. A big responsibility and a big chance to fail through no fault of the player. While it is rarely possible to think more than a couple of seconds, although on pause click no one bothers.

At least hang it on the wall. Children, the elderly, girls and women in Detroit: Become Human, all good.
Quick Time Events seemed less complicated than in Heavy Rain and definitely less complicated than in Until Dawn, where the slightest breath often led to the death of one of the protagonists. Perhaps the developers themselves understand that this system doesn’t like, it’s just another way to control the characters in dynamic scenes in this kind of games not yet invented.

However, the main thing in Detroit: Become Human – it’s still a story and history. No wonder the script of cage and Adam Williams takes from 2 to 3 thousand pages. Someone thinks these games are “interactive cinema”, which slightly diminishes the dignity of the title, and is not quite so true. All the paths of our heroes pre-registered – we only choose one of them. And there are a lot of ways. Many are actually misleading – for example, we can choose one of three scenarios, but they all lead to exactly the same final. Sometimes it is really noticeable – the character could die, remains alive. It may also be a kind of snag, and the character will die in the next scene. But it may happen that a lapse or a thoughtful choice will change the course of history.

Watch how at the end of each Chapter Detroit: Become Human sums up our actions, it is always a pleasure, although the chapters where decisions are really important, not so much. Sometimes we almost don’t offer any freedom – these chapters are sort of intermissions between the big scenes.

Marcus – the most active Android.
Management especially do not want to complain – it seems better than in previous installments, although the androids are very slow and extremely cumbersome. To describe particularly makes no sense – if you played at least one creation of cage, then you know what it’s all about the felt.

Last month I was singing the praises of the beauty of the other exclusives the PlayStation 4, but today I have no choice but to include the parrot mode, for graphically Detroit: Become a good Human as ever. Every new thing from Quantic Dream always tends to squeeze out of the console, high, and always striking, and Detroit: Become Human is no exception. I won’t say that was stunned with what I saw (I’m already spoiled Studio Naughty Dog, part of facial animations), but the fact that it was not going to hide. Every character here looks amazingly good. The word “photorealism” often slips in my texts, but never before it was not so appropriate.

People (and in fact not people at all) to Detroit: Become Human they have a wonderful set of facial expressions. The movement of each muscle of the face a pleasure to watch; great to consider and wrinkles, imperfections of the skin and eyes. Each close-up is downright causes the fingers to reach for the Share button in order to shoot another hundredth screenshot. Look best, of course, the androids, who are all young and beautiful. Against the background of their people are less pleasant: the effects of age, General neglect. The same Hank Anderson seems more artificial in the context of his plastic companion.

No, it’s not Jennifer Lawrence! According to Google, many sincerely believe. Already burned on the star actors (in the previous game played by Ellen page and Willem Dafoe), this time Quantic Dream is not invited to such renowned performers.
World Detroit: Become Human seem to us quite familiar – we have already seen this future in the movie, although I confess that in the past ten years, we mainly show more dirty and running fantastic. Here to mind probably come the things like I, Robot. This is due to the fact that the future is not far, and much remains the same. The latest such game is Deus Ex: Mankind Divided where similarly, the architecture of the future is strongly contrasted against the background of poverty and a crumbling old monuments of the past. Unfortunately, the competition in terms of ingenuity along come the guys from Eidos Montréal, whose future is still more interesting. World Detroit: Become Human in many ways more realistic (not counting androids, of course) because it builds on many existing developments (including unmanned vehicles) and trends. But the original designs I wouldn’t call. Pleasant – Yes.

Not Siri, but close. Our virtual assistant is watching every action turn on games. She says digging in the settings and asks awkward questions.
Anyway, looks Detroit: Become Human great. The picture is very clear and bright, and the characters are amazingly alive. That’s the most impressive facial animation in my memory. Amazing what clarity and detail are capable of pulling not right now the PS4. In most scenes the game works surprisingly smoothly, although large locations are forcing FPS to significantly subside. But mostly to complain about bad optimization is impossible – even if you remove all game elements and plot as techno-demo Detroit inspires.

Finally it is worth mentioning that, as obviously the developers are proud of their rain. Kind of funny, how often does it rain in the game. And just try to convince me that this is done not to show off how beautiful drops of water on the faces of our robots. Directly Heavy Rain 2, I swear!

Rain. RAIN. The developers have done everything possible to boast of your new engine.
As for the presentation, Detroit: Become Human is clearly commendable. Neat, sterile style is appropriate here. The game continues the glorious tradition of PlayStation, which simply refuses to acknowledge the existence of loading screens. God of War was proud of the fact that the entire game is essentially one continuous take without a single interruption, and similarly Detroit never makes us wait after the initial download during power. A trifle, but nice.

Also I would like to mention a curious, and at this time exactly original, the decision to add on the start screen a sort of virtual assistant. Girl Android commented on everything from picture settings to choose the sound, but sometimes the “comes alive”. Once, when I turned off the game, I was asked to go through a small survey, which asked a few questions about robots and technology (can a person love a robot threatens us technology). Once, quite suddenly, my assistant asked if we are friends with her. This extraordinary transformation of the traditionally static element in the continuation of the narrative can not be remembered.

I did not expect that after turning off the game I was asked to take a survey. Why collect information, Quantic Dream?

The verdict
Detroit: Become Human is a game that you want to write and write. Of course, this is an outstanding release may and one of the biggest titles of the spring. Will it be a contender for “game of the year”? I don’t know. This is a huge progress compared to Beyond: Two Souls, both technically and in terms of plot. Somewhere in Detroit an incredibly progressive and bold, and it is very banal. We heard hundreds of stories about the infringement of the rights of robots, and here we hardly find revolutionary new ideas. Cage has never been known as a master-writer, and often his dialogues except the awkward was not called.

To Detroit: Become Human, the situation has become better, but without the annoying clichés not done. Once again we hear things like “In English, please!” and once again our heroes find themselves at the mercy of someone you considered a friend. Cage loves the twisties, loves detective stories, but too often one and the same formula migrates from one creation to another. However, bad dialogue I did not call – sometimes they are really good, and even witty. It’s nice when the progress is visible not only technological.

It’s one thing to make the perfect skin. Another to portray a young man. The realism is lost slightly, but it looks the game is still amazing.
Anyway, Detroit: Become Human, I was completely hooked – head. Yes, some chapters seemed much less interesting (even the word “filler” that is already there) than others, but that’s to be expected: there are large-scale scenes that affect the ending, and there are “intermissions”.

Is it worth playing in Detroit: Become Human? Of course. I without hesitation can recommend it to everyone. The cage allowed us to plunge into a new world whose problems are starting to become relevant now. This world I want to explore, and the characters evoke emotion.

There’s no DLC, no microtransactions and luchboxes. I’m worried that something goes wrong is your fault. It tightens and makes the experience – and what else you want from a game?

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