Detective Pikachu – Evolution of Pikachu in Danny De Vito

Don’t have to like anime or to be a gamer in order to know who the Pikachu. A character who is on par with Hello Kitty is known all, had to go to the mass video games, movies, TV series and manga, and to win the love of several generations. But all the while he remained the same: a little app so mouse with red cheeks and a squeaky voice. And nobody complained: toys fly off the shelves, and the Pikachu became one of the major mascots of Nintendo. But at some point, someone at Game Freak decided that something had to change. Pikachu it’s time to grow up, to learn to talk and start to drink coffee.

Original, very unexpected decision that has shocked the fandom. Pikachu now works as a detective and got the traditional “Cherlaksky” suit and a magnifying glass. But most importantly he spoke. Not our usual “pika-pika” and a man’s voice straight out of film Noir of the fifties. One is any of even the most uninteresting games will make something very desirable: like it or not, and this is a must see.

Radically changed the main character of the entire Saga Pokémon, the creators didn’t stop and went ahead, choosing a completely different genre. Detective Pikachu is a spin-off, which is more inspired by Professor Layton, what games most of the series.

In the center of the story – the boy Tim Goodman (what were you expecting?), who came to Raym city to investigate the disappearance of his father, a detective. And he would have had no great chances of success, if not for the meeting with Pikachu, whose voice and habits, reminiscent of the popularly beloved Danny DeVito (although, to the great disappointment of many, himself a famous actor in the voice acting took part) are understandable only to Tim. What is the reason – one of many mysteries that we have to solve.

I know many who pushed the idea to turn Pikachu into a completely different character, but I myself was glad to such changes. For the series, where “evolution” is the core mechanics of Pokémon are strikingly stands still for long and changes nothing, and it’s nice to see that at least spin-off is doing something new. But new does not mean good.

As I said, the developer took a lot of Professor Layton, which is also allowed to solve riddles and find those responsible. However, against the background of her Detective Pikachu very easily from the first minute the impression of that’s child’s play even more children than titles with traditionally reticent Pikachu.

Detective Pikachu is divided into parts that correspond to the mysteries that we solve. In order to unravel the mystery and find the villain, you need to seek out clues and interview suspects and witnesses. Collecting everything, we can find the culprit who always confesses to a crime – even if we do not have a sufficient amount of hard evidence.

Detective Pikachu gameplay is very simple: we go around the map and interact with objects. The more we find, the more you can ask of people and pokemon. With the last talking Pikachu himself acting as interpreter.

In order to judge the quality of the game, you need to ask one simple question: if she was interested in someone, don’t be here Pikachu on the cover? And here I am not sure. There is no doubt that yellow mouse is the star of the game: everything is interesting here is somehow related to him. Fortunately, the main feature – in fact, his speech is not boring and not boring. This helps great acting and animation. Pikachu says a lot (for Japanese games), and well drawn. Often his dialogues are frankly funny, and they really want to listen. It’s certainly not bad that the talking Pikachu is not a gimmick, but so is this okay that the best part of the game is cut-scenes?

The decision of the crimes in Detective Pikachu is very simple and devoid of any subtleties titles like Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments. If you just talk to everyone and collect all the answer will come up. Sometimes this system is annoying: even if we personally do for myself, learned to finish a Chapter, at least not until we hear every word from every person. And if you missed someone, then get ready for a long search. It should be noted that the Japanese tradition is a big part of the game is not voiced – mainly talking only Pikachu, although he often goes to text communication. Sometimes there is “action”: moments when the players propose to handle basic QTE. Goes all the way: on the screen appears the image of the button that should be pressed at some point. Not very exciting, to be honest.

Detective Pikachu can be criticized for undue ease and a dumbing down of the genre, but is it worth it? This game is obviously more children than others (not too adult) titles in the series, and as a children’s game it is gorgeous. Good story, nice (by the standards of the 3DS) graphics and adorable Pikachu to help create one of the best games of recent times, but if you are looking for something more serious and substantial, it is unlikely that Detective Pikachu will be of your liking. But she’s not one to take away is, perhaps, the most original spin-off in the last few years.

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