15 cool games for weak PC

If there is no money for a top hardware is not the end. The game industry releases many of the projects that will easily go on slower PCs and can even run on an ancient laptop of your grandfather. In collection, collected 15 cool games for ancient computers. Choose a project to taste and dip into the world of virtual adventure. If the article was not your favorite game, which also goes on weak PC please write about it in the comments.


Starbound — layered and addictive 2D game where gamers have to construct your spaceship, collect a team for him to explore uncharted planets and their inhabitants. Don’t forget about the skirmishes with space pirates and other lovers of gain. The project encouraged by the presence of cooperative game modes and a huge number of mods that make Starbound even better.

Stardew Valley

If browser-based orchards and farm the same tired, but the soul still requires the cultivation of cabbage, and care of the farm, take a look at Stardew Valley. The project is made in the pixel format, but its simplicity is imaginary. The game will find for the gamer many activities on the farm: forced to dig the ore, to fish, to harvest, to sow the fields, raising a family and do a lot of Affairs that are characteristic of the farmer.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

In 2016, the Studio Harebrained Schemes was the opening for players who love the cyberpunk genre. The developers have released Shadowrun: Dragonfall — atmospheric RPG with turn-based combat and an exciting storyline in a cyberpunk-style with touches of fantasy. If you missed the dark-neon gates nasty future, Shadowrun: Dragonfall exactly what you need.

Into The Breach

The company Subset Games has developed a fascinating strategy with beautiful design, twist gameplay and huge monsters. The player’s task to protect your home from invasion big creatures. In the game project throws gamers fighting robots, randomly generated enhancements and a lot of interesting levels. If you like turn-based strategy, be sure to pay attention to Into The Breach.

Devil Daggers

Devil Daggers is a killer indie pixel-shooter from the first person. Here the gameplay is simple but addictive to watch. The task of the player to rush through the map, destroy hordes of monsters and not die yourself. The game resembles the first part of Doom, but it looks even more brutal and insane.


Flinthook — another pixel 2D platformer on our list. The project has received some pieces of the rouge-like genre and stands out a randomly generated locations. In Flinthook gamer plays the role of a space pirate who hunts for treasure, skillfully managed with a hook, destroy hordes of enemies, struggling with a hostile environment and solves difficult secrets.


If you consume a longing for the old games of the 80-ies — 90-ies, Undertale will help to overcome it. The project combines different game genres, and also makes the gamer to complete levels by communicating, not fighting. Undertale communicates directly with the player and introduces dozens of fascinating characters who surpass humanity many heroes of modern projects. Undertale is recommended primarily to those in the game appreciate the gameplay, not graphics.


Owlboy one of the indie toy with pixel graphics and a respect for the past of game development. It’s a fun platformer with memorable characters, dangerous enemies and noteworthy puzzles. Fans of 2D projects pass is not recommended.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth — a remake of the popular indie roguelike with elements of shooter. The gameplay is based on the struggle with personal fears of the person and draws in tens of hours due to randomly generated levels. Gamers need to go down to the basement and destroy the creatures that represent everything that he is afraid. To effectively fight the monsters in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has a large Arsenal of weapons. If you want you can play with friends in co-op unlock new characters and find a ton of additional content.


Hardcore indie platformer Celeste will please those players who do not succumb to the complexities and hundreds of deaths, mentally balanced and do not throw gamepads or keyboard to the monitor or wall. Celeste is reminiscent of 8-bit games Dendy and tells the story of a guy who’s trying to deal with internal problems. Despite his hardcore, the project was easy and intuitive menus, competent clues, and fun plot.

Darkest Dungeon

After its release Darkest Dungeon made a lot of noise in the gaming industry. The game is remembered for the atmospheric panache, hardcore dungeons and a lethal combination of RPG with turn-based battles. In Darkest Dungeon, the player controls a party of heroes who make their way through the crowds of enemies and survive. During the trip the characters change. And what they located, to Light or Darkness depends on the actions of the player.


The project Spelunky inspired by the adventures of Indiana Jones, as well as the games in the series Tomb Rider. Before us is a pixelated 2D platformer, but the spirit of adventure and dangerous adventure for treasure then going through the roof. The main character is an experienced seeker of ancient treasures. He has a flashlight on his forehead, are useful in the economy whip, quick feet and a clever brain. All this will help the protagonist to pass dozens of levels, destroy enemies, fight with the deities, avoid traps and find treasure.

Hyper Light Drifter

Hyper Light Drifter atmospheric pixel shooter with RPG elements. The game resembles The Legend of Zelda, but in a more hardcore vein, and tells the adventures of boy who fell ill with an unknown disease. The project stands out for the spectacular battles, breathtaking locations, great history and wonderful music.


After the release in 2016, the first-person shooter Superhot have attracted much attention by the gaming press and gamers. The project was praised for its unusual flow, unique style and unique gameplay, reminiscent of a chip with a slow time in the series Max Payne. Superhot stands out with the minimalist design of the locations and the presence of three main colors: red, black and white. Other shades of the rainbow here is not usual.

Invisible, Inc.

Invisible, Inc one of the cyberpunk games with turn-based battles. However the main thing is not to fight, to run, to hide, to steal and sneak. If you turned on stealth projects, and trudge on the style of cyberpunk, Invisible, Inc a mandatory and detailed study. This game will not disappoint you.

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